human behavior and
how the brain works
has been my life’s work



As a medical doctor, I am trained to detect conditions that masquerade as mental illness. As a neuropsychiatrist, I have the tools to figure out and correct the root causes of your cognitive and behavioral symptoms, rather than merely treat them with medications.


Most psychiatric medications are prescribed by primary care doctors and nurse practitioners without the training or time to look for real solutions.
It takes an average of 17 years for significant findings in scientific research to change health practice and policies.

We can’t afford to wait.

Duane Graveline, a former NASA astronaut, had a severe bout of amnesia in which he didn’t even recognize his wife. It was a side effect of his cholesterol-lowering drug, and entirely reversible.

A fifty-six year old woman was convinced that her husband had been replaced by an imposter. This belief disappeared after her high calcium blood level was corrected by removal of a para-thyroid tumor.


A seventy-year old woman believed strangers were living in her apartment with her. She was hallucinating because her vision was deteriorating, and needed an eye exam and treatment for macular degeneration.


A mute four-year old boy who had isolated himself from others, and beaten himself, began to speak after changes in his diet. He was then able to be integrated into regular schools.


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