Meet Dr. Powell


The Scientist

My father had three graduate degrees, and raised me to be a seeker of truth, and infinitely curious. Eminent scientists in neuroscience and genetics have been my supervisors, and I’ve conducted both laboratory and clinical research. I find joy in integrating information across these and other scientific disciplines, both in search of solutions for patients, and to build evidence-based theories to explain conundrums that mystify us. One theory explains savant skills, such as how calendar calculation and prime number derivation can be done by someone who can’t do basic math. Another proposes why autism and learning disorders are skyrocketing.

The Doctor

I am known as a compassionate doctor who genuinely cares. I trained at Johns Hopkins with the best, and have discovered reversible medical causes of psychological symptoms, saved lives and marriages, and returned people to working after years of disability.

As a medical student I spent a summer abroad interviewing and visiting health officials, clinics, and hospitals in the UK and Sweden, which has prepared me for another goal: reforming mental health care here. I also draw upon over thirty years of clinical experience in a variety of settings, here and abroad: emergency rooms, homeless shelters, jails, hospitals, and even the living rooms of movie stars.

While in San Diego I co-created and directed The McCandless Center for Women, a program treating survivors of sexual assault, and was the first psychiatrist for Survivors of Torture, International. I have assessed and treated refugees and asylum-seekers from Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Iraq, Liberia, Haiti, and others surviving genocide and torture.

The Consultant

My consulting began early as the clinical director for consultation services to doctors at Harvard’s Cambridge Hospital. I also have given expert testimony in court on over 100 occasions, and been told my testimony was instrumental in helping the court understand nuances of cases. I present at international conferences, offer workshops and retreats, and am available for both radio and television appearances.

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